Strategic Vision

Looking forward, the Group will remain “an urban service provider promoting industrial development,” strength-ening its core business of real estate , its engine of financial and capital operation, and its opportunities for break-throughs in emerging industries. The Group will construct a brand-new development model for industrial real estate to drive comprehensive development while continuously improving the turnover of assets. Through the “three-step” strategy of upgrading efficiency with scale, accelerating development with capital, and emphasizing brand ad-vantages, Sungent will comprehensively upgrade its corporate core competence and development sustainability.

Based in Suzhou and advancing across China, Sungent is expanding its business territory and striving towards its goal of growing into a cross-industry, comprehensive state holding group with nationwide influence. Creating quality of life and promoting social development reflects the dreams of all Sungent employees. Standing at a brand-new starting point, Sungent will set out a new journey.

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